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A Place to Call Home

Five months we have been as nomads in our own town. We pursue an invitation from God to have faith for something far greater than what we could do ourselves. Confronted almost daily with a reality that is progressively more incongruous with the faith being built in our hearts. It’s like living in two completely different worlds. I walk around looking at the people living “normal” lives – if there is such a thing. From a distance, we look the same; we buy the same groceries, pay the same high prices for gas, drive the same streets. But they pull into their own driveways and sleep in their own beds. They buy paint for their rooms and bags of mulch for their landscaping. Their groceries go into a fridge that is theirs. A ping of envy gnaws my heart. And frustration. Why did we say yes to this invitation? Why can’t we just live ”normal” lives? My children are not going hungry. They still sleep in warm beds. They still hang out and laugh with their friends. They face no mortal danger. And, yet, I feel like I’m letting them down in order to pursue something I’ve never really experienced – some kind of better way.

The stress weighs on us all. It’s amazing how abnormal the normal things of life seem when your bed is not your own and ”home” seems like an elusive dream you struggle to remember after waking up. And yet, what stirs in me feels like the true waking up – like the fragrance of something connected to memories long forgotten. Like tapping into a truth long known, yet never really experienced. It has only come in little snippets across the years, but now this truth screams to be known, to be released, to be lived. We walk around with an untapped power to create, shape and influence – to release the glory of God on the earth like Jesus did and in ways even greater. In every generation, this power has begged to be unleashed, beckoned to those who would heed the call to be not only change agents, but world changers – those who would sacrifice greatly and risk boldly to turn the world upside down for Jesus. The idea of being counted as such a one both startles and enlivens. I feel unworthy of such a calling. And yet, the invitation was extended – the path was laid out. It resonates in the deep places of my heart.

And so here we stand, on the precipice of so many prophetic words, long held desires and dreams as yet unfulfilled. Our hearts long for a place to call home, that is ours, that is a testimony of the care and faithfulness and wonder of God. A place that our kids can delight in, where people can gather and feel a sense of peace and belonging. But far beyond that, our hearts long to make the whole earth a place Jesus can call home – a people and planet that are prepared for the return of their King. Our home is not just for us. It is a place where people are transformed and equipped to deliver transformation into every sphere of influence, multiplying that influence across regions, people groups and nations – making those nations a place for Jesus. That is our vision, that is our heart. And it is for that we wait and war and contend and dream.

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