About Us

Easter 2019

We are Steve, Andrea, Micah, Moriah & Archer Hart (+Crockett the Maltipoo). We are a family on a mission, called to the U.S., Ireland, and Western Europe. In Nov. 2018, we completed our YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Family Discipleship Training School (DTS), and in May 2019 we completed our School of Strategic Missions (SOSM), also through YWAM. During our SOSM, in addition to deeper training for missions, we were helped by our mentors and coaches to seek the Lord intently, listening to HIS vision and strategy for our family in ministry. You can find the Vision Project that resulted from that intense time of seeking and hearing from Him here.

When we were in college, we were part of a vibrant and powerful student ministry. As a group, we prayed together, contended together and really bonded as a family. We did life together because we were in college, but we ministered together because we loved each other and were passionate about seeing the LORD move on our campus and our city. We had this naïve idea that the rest of the Church operated in much the same way. It was a shock to us when we graduated college only to find that same type of “doing-life-together” kind of community was extremely rare.

Without that kind of community, those powerful times of ministry were also few and far between. It was really during this time that we did a lot of seeking, knowing that there was more to life and more inside of us than what we experienced day-to-day. We gradually moved to what we now call “The Fringe,” – that place in the Body of Christ where you know there’s more than Church on Sunday and a mid-week Bible study, but you just don’t know how to unlock it.

This passion for connection and purpose has led us on a journey not only of discovery, but of being trained to lead others to unlock their own created potential. That is our vision – to engage those in The Fringe, help them to discover and unlock their Kingdom purpose, heal those heart wounds that would hinder them and empower them to launch into ministry in whatever sphere of influence God has called them.