A Place to Call Home

Five months we have been as nomads in our own town. We pursue an invitation from God to have faith for something …

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Reclaiming the Jesus Model

Turning the World Upside Down Just two decades after Jesus ascended into heaven, Paul, the greatest first century missionary and author of …

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Faith Forward

One of our family mottos – probably the main one – is “keep moving forward.” This has been a consistent word from …

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IGNITE – Current Modules

Each of these modules are designed according to our transformational, Presence-centered model, and are 2-3 hours each. They can stand alone as …

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The IGNITE Vision

Vision: Train up both new believers and Kingdom leaders through transformational discipleship, empowering them to take up their place of identity, intimacy …

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Making the Vision Plain

And the LORD answered me:“Write the vision;make it plain on tablets,so he may run who reads it. – Hab. 2:2 It is hard …

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Update November 2021

It’s always hard to know where to start with an update after a “blog absence”. It has been an entire year since …

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Our Vision

Our Focus Group: The “Fringe” – believers that are on the edge or outside the traditional church, those who WANT MORE. They …

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Fruition Availability

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Extreme Makeover – Sacred and Secular

Big Twinkie Series – 3 of 3 An Unenlightened Concept During the Enlightenment, a concept was birthed that said some activities (i.e. …

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