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Change the Narrative

Wow! Who could have imagined 2020? We have not yet hit the halfway point and already we’ve seen a worldwide pandemic, the verge of economic collapse, riots across the United States and protests around the world. So much news about COVID-19, President Trump, the economy, stimulus checks, unemployment, racism, police brutality, calls for reform and so much more. It can be so easy to listen to all that news and believe a narrative that is grounded solely here on earth, rooted in circumstance and human weakness.

But the narrative of heaven is different and it’s something that the news of our day is not touching. Our family is blessed to be part of both the largest missions organization on the planet and the largest worship and prayer movement in history. These two organizations have boots on the ground all over the world in some of the hardest and darkest places on earth and in places that seem so out of the way, but are critically strategic in God’s perspective. And the narrative coming from those who have boots on the ground, those who are in the midst of riots, persecution, oppression bears a very different tone than what we are given by the media.

The tone is so different, because it’s God’s narrative and the story of His power working in the midst of the chaos that grabs news headlines. God’s narrative speaks of redemption, unity and hope and in His narrative, those things are not theoretical or philosophical – they are practical and are being applied practically through believers all over the planet. These are stories that don’t typically grab headlines or even make the news, but they are like bursts of sunlight in the storms, reminding us that there is a greater reality that exists beyond the clouds.

Below is a video of one of those stories. The whole video is worth watching, but I’ll drop you in right at a story you won’t hear in the narrative coming from the media:

So, how do we change the narrative in our cities and communities? That’s what we are wrestling with now. In our community, with the people that we know, how do we bring the narrative of heaven into our circumstances? It’s not impossible – far from it. But I think the first step is to unsubscribe from the narrative being fed to us by the mainstream (and even “alternate”) news outlets both on the Right and the Left. And then I think the second step is to take some kind of action. The video above talks about the Isaiah 58 fast going on right now, but that’s just one example. The narrative of the Lord is so much more about action – simple, seemingly insignificant actions – than it is about words. Simple acts like worship and prayer in the public square, gathering to prophetically declare over our cities or random acts of kindness toward those different than us are like kindling for the fire of the Lord.

I believe that as we begin to take those small steps we will start to see shifts in our cities, regions and countries. As we embrace the narrative of heaven for our culture, transformation cannot help but break forth and when it does, it will stand as a challenge to the rest of the world to reexamine the narrative they believe as well.

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