Fruition 2020


  1. Realization of something desired or worked for;
  2. Enjoyment derived from use of possession;
  3. The condition of bearing fruit

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400 Hours

Nov 8th, 8am-Nov 24th, Midnight

As the Lord called us to engage with Him in bringing forth the harvest, I began pressing into what that looked like in the context of worship & prayer. As this was pre-COVID, I was thinking about some type of worship gathering and I asked, “How long should this be, Lord?” His answer: “Why not 400 hours?”

As it turns out, He was preparing the way for the world to become accustomed to virtual gatherings online, so these 400 hours of worship & prayer will be online, with worshipers from all over the world.

400 years of prayers sown into a nation; 400 hours to call forth the unharvested fruit of each of those prayers. There is a destiny for each seed sown and we are calling them forth.

The Seeds of Fruition

In 1620, a very special group of people made a sacrificial pilgrimage, on a ship called the Mayflower, to set foot on our shores. They were in all respects a missionary community, with a global, multi-generational vision. They established a system in which there was individual freedom to worship God without interference from government – a system, acknowledging God as ultimate government, that had not been seen on earth since the days of ancient Israel.

In summer of 2019, I was with a group of people praying for America, when I felt a great urgency to deliver a word from the Lord. I didn’t know what it was He wanted to say, but in obedience I went up to the mic, and what came forth was one of the strongest prophetic words I’ve ever given: “I hear the Lord say, “America, people are tossing around the word ‘Post-Christian’. You’re not gonna get there. You’re never gonna get there. Like Jonah, you’re running, you’re rebelling and you’re running in the wrong direction…but I got a fish coming. I’ve got a big fish coming! 400 years ago, people faithful to Me landed on your shores and claimed this land for Me and THAT CLAIM STILL STANDS!! THAT CLAIM STILL STANDS! This land is My land, says the Lord, because it was given to Me. It is My land, and it is the home of My people. 400 years of prayers, 400 years of petitions, 400 years of declarations, 400 years of faithfulness in My people…and the harvest is coming, says the Lord!”

Since the time of the pilgrims, America has trained and sent over 90% of the world’s missionaries. But missions from America has been in decline in recent years. This year, we have been given a gift. The Lord has used this pandemic to keep the vast majority of missionaries that would have been headed out to other nations, “in-house” this year. Missionaries are left with a choice – sit and wait to leave, or use this time to bless their own nation first! America NEEDS missionaries, and I believe that if we will “put on our oxygen mask first” during this time, we will see America not only revived, but we will see the Third Great Awakening begin to sweep across our nation, and burst forth into all the nations!! I keep hearing the Lord say, “400 years of PRAYERS, and it is time for EVERY ONE that has not yet borne fruit to come to FRUITION!” I believe that if we call forth this harvest, we will see a greater wave of Spirit-filled, Kingdom Gospel believers flood out of our borders, than we have ever seen before!!

Current Fruition Schedule