Worship & Missions

The missions movement took hold on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and continues across the globe to this very day. Missionaries from dozens of countries crisscross the world spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bibles are translated, Jesus films are distributed and reaching the unreached peoples of the world is the rallying cry to mobilize the global Church onto the mission field. Missions is the banner of the Church.

The worship & prayer movement has historically gotten far less attention from the global Church, even being looked at with disdain in some circles. But from the beginning, it was the environment of worship & prayer that fueled missions. God is sounding a clarion call to the Church in our day to embrace the worship & prayer movement as the fuel for missions. Why? Because worship & prayer is what God intended as the foundation and fuel for reaching the unreached.

Paul & Barnabas launched out on the first great missionary journey of the early church in Acts 13. The environment that launched them was an environment where believers were “ministering to the LORD.” This is the same language used in the Old Testament for the service the Levite priests rendered (and also for the description of that service in Hebrews 10). It was in an environment of worship & prayer – adoration to the LORD – that Holy Spirit launched out Paul & Barnabas to reach the Gentiles.

Later, in Acts 15, James, the brother of Jesus, connects two passages of Scripture to solidify the concept that worship & missions were intended to go together. It is in the rebuilding of David’s Tabernacle – the world’s first house of 24/7 prayer and worship – that all humanity gets drawn to the LORD. The paradigm is clear: worship is the key to bringing the nations to Jesus. Even Jesus himself said, “If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.” But this paradigm of bringing the worship & prayer movement together with the missions movement has been slow to take hold in our modern era. But that is changing and we are seeing revivals and outreaches being ignited around the world from places of simply adoring Jesus.

The paradigm of worship fueling missions is one of our main mantras and a conviction we hold with great tenacity. The missions movement in our modern era desperately needs a re-ignition if the Great Commission of Matthew 28 is to be fulfilled and we believe it is the fuel of worship & prayer that gets the Great Commission completed.