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Heart Healing Prayer

Are you familiar with Heart Healing Prayer (I often call it Transformational Prayer)? It is prayer that is facilitated, but is lead primarily by Jesus, speaking directly to the person being ministered to. By far, the most well-known version of this is Sozo Prayer. Sozo is actually only one of many tools (albeit an amazing one). I was first introduced to Sozo back in 2010, when I witnessed a new friend gently direct someone we were praying for to ask Jesus what He wanted to show her about the issue at hand. And He did. In those days, we were just beginning to learn how ready God is to speak to us. He is always speaking. Often we just don’t tend to be listening, or we may be carrying around blocks to hearing (such as unforgiveness). I already loved hearing God’s words for people that would bless and encourage them very personally. So I immediately fell in love with watching Jesus not only speak to people, but show them pictures and guide them so gently through healing deep, deep wounds, restoring things they thought were lost, breaking strongholds and habitual sins off of their lives, and even healing them physically – simply as a side effect of experiencing His great love!!

In the years since, as I learned one tool after another and have sat with people in pain, grief, anger, bondages of all kinds, I have seen Him transform hearts over and over again. The tools are great, but the power is never in them. The power is always in His Presence and His Leading. I have seen Him bring amazing and lasting change. I have seen Him beautifully and perfectly LOVE on people in the most profoundly personal ways. I have seen their faces as they walk into the room, completely changed as they walk out of it. More than once, I have seen old men experience God with their heart – with emotions present – for the first time, after a lifetime of desperately trying to reach Him with their brain and feeling locked up inside. I have seen young women leave a physical issue in the room, walk out and never experience it again. I have seen him save my own marriage, and bring wholeness to my own children. So much healing. So much freedom. And every single time, I tell Him how honored I am to even be in the room while He is working these miracles. Every single time, I walk out changed, too. This is something I could do every day, all day, and never get tired of it. New signs and wonders and miracles, in everyday people, always changing, as different from one to the next as the people themselves. I know to the core of my being that I was made to bring people into encounter with Jesus. It is my call and my anointing. Hearing Him speak and seeing Him work is truly the joy and delight of my life.

We are new to the Tyler area. And although I was known and able to do this ministry with leaders in San Antonio, being able to build it here means that I must effectively start over. I need time here. Time to build relationships that open doors. Time to establish credibility as a minister. Time to offer free sessions and allow other ministers the chance to experience what God can do. Ultimately, I want to establish a regional healing center that sees people saved, healed, delivered, coached, and sent out into their God-given call in the Kingdom. Right now, I already have a few open doors, but not the financial resources to walk through many of them. I have opportunities for more training, for joining a mentoring group in Dallas, for beginning to train others and build a team…Would you consider a year-end gift to bring much more of this kind of healing to this area and see many restored to their destinies as Kingdom-bringers in every sphere of society?? If, so just click the button below. Thank you for reading, for praying, for giving, but more than that, thank you just for being you!!

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  1. نمونه کارتهای ویزیت املاک says:

    Hi everyone ,can you explain more per favore grazie


    1. Steve Hart says:

      Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate your interest. What all would you like to know?

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