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IGNITE – Current Modules

Each of these modules are designed according to our transformational, Presence-centered model, and are 2-3 hours each. They can stand alone as a 2-3 hours workshop, or can be combined to create an intensive of a weekend or longer.

Tabernacle of David      

Part 1:

The Pattern – Tabernacle of Moses

The Standard – Tabernacle of David

Worship as Warfare – Purpose and Benefits

Rebuilding Tabernacle Today

Spontaneous Song Workshop

Part 2:

Elements & Symbolism of the Tabernacle

Priesthood of the Believer

Hebrew Words for Praise & Worship

The Presence

Prophetic Song Workshop

Created Potential: Finding Your Unique Purpose & Developing Vision

Part 1:

Your Created Potential & Finding Your Purpose

Part 2:

Developing Vision & Strategy Coaching Workshop

Discover how you were created with unlimited potential, and learn to develop your personal mission & vision. coached through an interactive step-by-step process from brainstorming to dreaming to goal-setting.

Land Cleansing and Healing

Learn the secrets of how land becomes defiled, consequences of land defilement, how to cleanse and heal the land, how to find and release blessings and treasures in the land, and experience being a secret agent for Jesus on a real land mission.

Identity/Authority of the Believer

You were created to conquer and expand the Kingdom of God on Earth! Find the Warrior within as you see what God has put in you from before the creation of the world.

Holy Spirit Baptism, Gifts, and Activation

Have a Holy Ghost Party as we learn about the gifts of Holy Spirit, how different giftings can work together, and practice everything we learn in a safe space, with later opportunities to go out and minister to our area.

Growing in the Prophetic

Join us for games, activations, and maybe even a little friendly competition! We will chase after Holy Spirit as we practice and expand our prophetic giftings.

Creating Joyful Community/Relationships

A fun and fast-paced run-through of learning and practicing 19 brain skills that strengthen relationship, build real community, and grow JOY, based on the book Transforming Fellowship.

Discerning spirits/Changing Atmospheres

Learn and practice recognizing enemy influences affecting atmospheres, places and regions, gifts and anointings of places and regions, and what to do as a prophetic intercessor to change atmospheres and even cultures.

Trauma Healing Workshop

Experience a gentle, participatory workshop adapted from the process laid out by Trauma Healing Institute, allowing Jesus to heal what only He can. Friendly for seekers and new believers as well as for seasoned believers.

Personal Ministry for you/your team:

Prophetic Ministry

Heart Healing (individual/couples)

Under development:

Whole-Hearted Living – A Biblical Understanding of Your Heart and Emotions

Emotional First-Aid – How to Help Hurting People

The Seer, Feeler, Discerner – Empathic and Prophetic Intercessors

Teamwork: Personality and Redemptive Gifts

Times, Seasons and Alignment

Tabernacle of David Part 3

Email us at info@hartsablaze.com for more info, to join our intercessor team, to set up a meeting, or to share contacts/prophetic words!

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