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Making the Vision Plain

And the LORD answered me:
“Write the vision;
make it plain on tablets,
so he may run who reads it.

– Hab. 2:2

It is hard for us to believe, 2.5 years after SOSM graduation, how much the Lord has expanded, clarified, built upon, and lit our hearts on fire for the vision He gave us during that school! Though things may have been quiet on the blog, for the past we have been hard at work developing a completely different discipleship experience…



The Church and Missions in the United States are dying. Long ago, we lost our way. Intimacy with God faded into knowing about God. Church became a religious institution and ceased to be a covenant family. “Go and make disciples” eroded to “Go and get converts”. Missions became a lone wolf errand instead of a community calling. The rhythm of seasons, work and rest stretched into a lonely silence of “pushing through and burning out”. Holy Spirit was benched. The rocket fuel of the Presence was left behind for the controlled misery of eeking by on an empty tank. We exalted information instead of embracing transformation. We must make a fundamental shift in how we disciple and train leaders, NOW. Let’s stop chasing knowledge and return to chasing God!


We are issuing a clarion call back to the way of Jesus. Back to heart-centered, whole-brained, relational, experiential, life-together discipleship. We are out to rebuild training and equipping as we know it. How about relevant training the way we were created to learn and grow, through modeling, experience, and practice? Training that raises up Kingdom Leaders, who raise up more Kingdom Leaders? If you are tired of the expectation that “sit and listen” will equip you to change the world, join us for a strategic reboot of discipleship.

Heart-centered – What if we consistently invited Jesus to speak to our hearts directly about what we are learning?

Whole-brained – What if we learned new information in ways that engage our whole brain, not only in traditional ways, but through activities like singing, dancing, drawing, writing, games and lots of interaction?

Relational – What if we took opportunities to explore what we are learning and discovering together, sharing our revelations and questions in the context of community?

Experiential – What if we began to immediately walk in what we are learning by practicing it in a supportive environment before taking it to the streets?

Life Together – What if this could start with you?

Discipleship – What if the measure of a disciple was who they are becoming rather than the information they are learning?

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow about this “vehicle of the vision”!

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