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SOSM 2019

At the same time as the new job I described in the last post, another door opened for us to become volunteer staff for the spring SOSM school at YWAM Tyler. This is an amazing opportunity for so many reasons. Helping to staff SOSM is not only completely consistent with our mission and vision, but it is great preparation to carry out even more of our vision in the future! It involves training and coaching – very relational ministry – helping believers to discover their unique call and purpose and be released into it! As an added blessing, we are staffing with some of our closest friends who have become family. What a joy!!

This year’s SOSM staff (basically – plus a couple of Hart kids)

These past few weeks have really felt like we have hit a sweet spot in what we are created to do. Right now, part-time staffing looks like vision coaching meetings with students, one on one pastoral care meetings with students, leading some class times, and even doing some teaching. We will be going on a week-long outreach with this school to New Orleans as well. There is also the future opportunity to go on follow-up trips, as this is the only YWAM school I know of that actually provides follow-up calls, visits (yes! visits!) and on-going pastoral care to students on the field for coaching and support. If we can raise the funds, it is our heart to be part of staffing this school as full-time as possible during its 4-month run, and later to be part of the follow-up for these students as they launch into their unique places and purposes in missions. It is astonishing to me how perfectly what we are doing with SOSM dovetails into our vision plan, even providing space to possibly further develop services for missionaries in the field, which is an important part of our bigger vision.

Above and Below: SOSM 2019 praying over people together – we have a LOT of these pictures!

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