On Mission

Welcome to our On Mission page. Here you can find the latest information about what we’re doing, where we are ministering, upcoming events and feeds from places like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You can also fill out the form on this page if you would like to partner with us in any way.

Current Projects

Here is our list of current activities and areas of ministry:

  • Working with the Sozo ministry at a local church in Lindale, TX
  • Working with YWAM staff to develop vision coaching materials
  • Developing of leadership activation training for churches & ministries
  • Mentoring and participating in the BURN ministry on the YWAM Tyler campus
  • Serving as doula for YWAM staff member (Andrea only ?)
  • Building connections with BURN UK directors to foster community and provide a launch base for Ireland missions
  • “Fruition” mission trip to Plymouth, MA (November 2020)
  • 400 hour virtual BURN leading coinciding with “Fruition” trip (November 2020)

Partner With Us

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in any areas of ministry with HartsAblaze: