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Our Vision

Our Focus Group: The “Fringe” – believers that are on the edge or outside the traditional church, those who WANT MORE. They want more because they are called to a more radical lifestyle of advancing the Kingdom. We are helping them to find that purpose, embrace it, and live it.

Above: The time we tried to distill our vision into two words

Our nations: The United States and Ireland – these are our anchor nations, our heart nations, the places we want to ignite revival and launch teams of missionaries from, with targets primarily on the rest of the UK and Western Europe. We see Western Europe as the “new unreached” – an area that has seen Christianity in decline, and absence of revival, for multiple generations, also known as “post-Christian”. We believe we will see our own nation change course, experience lasting revival, and never become “post-Christian”. Instead of continuing the way it is headed, we believe it will be ARRESTED by a REVIVAL such as the world has never seen!! We also believe that Ireland will be swept up in this revival, and will again become the key to reaching Western Europe, just as it has several times throughout history. We draw greatly on the philosophy and lifestyle of the early Celtic Christian saints and missionaries, who saw nothing as “secular”, but rather saw God at work in all things, who built covenant communities centered on constant prayer and worship as a lifestyle, and who organically sent out bands of missionaries as ambassadors to evangelize through modeling and relationship.

Our values: the Presence of God, Transformation, the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Power of Worship and the Immeasurable Worth and Purpose of Every Human Heart, Covenant Community.

Our tools: Extended Worship, Spontaneous Song, Intercession, Healing Encounters with Jesus, Land Cleansing and Restoration, Training, Crisis and Trauma Counseling/Prayer

Our mission: To see the Church become an oasis and place of healing for the broken and hurting, To see the Church re-centralizing the Presence of the Lord, releasing love, unity, power, and salvation to the world, To see believers walking in covenant community with one another, and in their scriptural authority and power, To see “fringe” believers healed and released into their unique purposes in the Kingdom, To equip and mobilize the Church to aggressively support missionaries on the field physically, emotionally and spiritually, To see formerly “post-Christian” or declining nations revitalized and restored to the Kingdom.

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