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SOSM 2020

WOW. That’s the only word I have to really describe the School of Strategic Missions 2020. Our students graduated on May 21st, and it was such a huge accomplishment! A month into the school, COVID-19 hit, and everything changed. We were unanimous as a staff that, as long as we had the support of YWAM Tyler leadership, we were committed to continue the school. The YWAM Tyler base tried to continue, but as more county regulations were released, the base had to be mostly shut down. However, because our school housing and classroom were both on the Fatherheart property, we were essentially quarantined together, and we were able to continue! God had thoroughly prepared the way for us to be able to continue, even during a pandemic lock-down!! Not only that, but in May we got word that, out of the 1,100+ YWAM bases WORLDWIDE, our SOSM school was one of only THREE that were able to continue during that time!!! And believe me, it was a wild, intense, challenging ride at times. We loved every minute. During the last week of the school, each student/family got to present their Vision Project and their next steps to the rest of the class (and community, via Zoom). What a joy to walk with these through the whole process, and then to hear the passion and enthusiasm of each of them, as they shared what they had heard from the Lord about THEIR OWN UNIQUE PURPOSE in the Kingdom!! This is what it’s all about. Identity. Purpose. Vision. Kingdom. Action. Straight from the Lord.

At the conclusion of SOSM 2020, we launched 17 students to 10 nations – Haiti, Czech, Italy, Madagascar, U.S.A., Cayman Islands, Germany, Israel, and closed nations we cannot name for security reasons. Of course, because of COVID, many of them have a delay before they can get into their nations. It was amazing to watch how God gave each of those a plan during the interim that will result in even better preparation when they are able to go. This week we are seeing our first student being able to get a flight to their heart nation – the rest will be leaving as borders open. I can’t adequately describe how powerful and satisfying it is to be a part of preparing and mobilizing believers WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE CALLED TO DO, onto the mission field!!

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