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Tent America 2019

On Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) weekend, Oct. 17-19, we participated in Awaken the Dawn’s Tent America, in which over 400 tents were erected all over America for united 50 hours of worship!! We were honored to be a part of this. The tent in Tyler was at UT – Tyler spearheaded by wonderful people from Reformation House of Prayer, and included many area ministries, churches, HOPs, and individuals. During the weekend, our family led two 2-hr sets, and the YWAM staff and students moved “Dwell” to the tent and kicked off the weekend with a two hour set. It was glorious to know that we were worshiping in unison with 400+ other tents across the U.S. all weekend!!

Tyler has been through a long season of “depression” as a town since the oil boom that began it dried up. As we were driving past sleepy church after sleepy church on the way down for the first day of Tent America, I saw a vision of a huge wave coming, sweeping through these churches, and the doors bursting open with LIFE pouring out! This town is not going to know what hit it. Actually, this town is going to know GOD hit it. And the transformation will be undeniable.

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