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The 400 Year Anniversary

The year 2020 is the 400th anniversary of the embarkation, journey, and landing of the Pilgrims on our soil, as well as of the signing of the Mayflower Compact. It is an extremely significant anniversary, and comes at a very significant time for our nation.

The following is a prophecy that I released at the East Texas House of Prayer in July, as we were praying for America. Rarely have I had a prophetic word come quite so powerfully:

“I hear the Lord say, “America, people are tossing around the word ‘Post-Christian’. You’re not gonna get there. You’re never gonna get there. Like Jonah, you’re running, you’re rebelling and you’re running in the wrong direction…but I got a fish coming. I’ve got a big fish coming!

400 years ago, people faithful to me landed on your shores and claimed this land for Me and THAT CLAIM STILL STANDS!! THAT CLAIM STILL STANDS! This land is My land, says the Lord, because it was given to Me. It is My land, and it is the home of My people. 400 years of prayers, 400 years of petitions, 400 years of declarations, 400 years of faithfulness in My people…and the harvest is coming, says the Lord!”

Whew! Even as I read through it again now, I can feel the fire on it. God is serious about this, folks, and we are getting ready to see some WILD and amazing things!! We are SO excited about what God has up His sleeve this coming year!!

Next fall, in Nov. 2020, as the 400 year anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims and the signing of the Mayflower Compact approaches, I hope you are ready to celebrate with us, because we need your help! We plan to organize 400 hours of worship across the nation. That’s 16.5 days of worship, covered by our Burns, Houses of Prayer, Churches, House Churches, Ministries, anyone who wants to cover a block of time!! This 16.5 days will be leading up to Thanksgiving, with the Mayflower Compact signing anniversary happening on Nov. 21. We plan to stream a renewal signing of the Mayflower Compact ceremony on the anniversary from Plymouth, MA, which all those worshiping together over this time will be able to tune into and participate together in. In coming blog posts, I’ll give a little more background about how we sensed God leading us to do this, as well as more details on how you can get involved!

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