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The Fringe

During our School of Strategic Missions, the LORD began to lay out a strategy to us that focused on a particular group of people. This is not uncommon in the world of missions; missionaries are frequently called to a particular people or place. However, this people group is unique because it crosses cultural, religious, ethnic, linguistic and geographic barriers. This group cannot be defined by heritage, skin color, gender nationality or denomination. They are defined by a pull on their soul that will not yield. This group of people is what we call “The Fringe.” This is the group of people (perhaps some of them not yet even followers of Jesus) who are living day-to-day but feel this pull on their soul that they were made for something great.

If you’re content with your life, desire nothing to change and strive for feelings of peace and safety, I’m willing to bet you’re not part of this group. If, however, you have a burning in your heart – maybe you can’t even put into words – that consistently calls you to something more, something greater than where you are and who you are right now, then there’s a good possibility you are part of The Fringe. It’s likely that you look at the world around you with a certainty that things can (and should) be better. Depending on the circles in which you run, perhaps you have been labeled as “a trouble maker,” “wayward,” “flighty,” “a dreamer,” “unrealistic,” “visionary,” “pioneering,” “unfocused,” or probably lots of other things. Beyond the labels, though, is a call to purpose that you may find difficult to define, hard to believe and challenging to pursue. We know, because we have lived for many years as part of The Fringe, wrestling with those feelings of longing and discontent.

Maybe you’re a Christian sitting in church every Sunday, but longing for something deeper. Maybe you love Jesus but don’t even go to church any more because you’ve been hurt or are disillusioned or just plain fed up. Maybe you’re on the mission field or a pastor, but feel stuck in the rut of status quo and long for breakthrough into the fullness of your destiny. Maybe you’ve never given your heart to Jesus, but inside you feel this call to greatness, to something far beyond yourself.

We believe The Fringe is key to bringing the Kingdom of God in its fullness on this earth. We are convinced that there are millions of people across the world who are longing to be mobilized into the unique vision and purpose God has for them. They are pioneers, visionaries, adventurers, boundary pushers, innovators and perhaps even rule breakers who often come across as misunderstood, radical, non-conformists who simply can’t abide the status quo. They are willing to risk often, love passionately, look foolish and sacrifice greatly to move forward the cause.

Imagine the power of millions of these people operating in their spheres of influence championing the cause of Christ! Perhaps you feel like you’re one of these people. If you are, we’d love to hear from you and find out where you are in your journey and what things are on your heart. Reach out to us through the form below.

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