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The IGNITE Vision


Train up both new believers and Kingdom leaders through transformational discipleship, empowering them to take up their place of identity, intimacy & authority in advancing the Kingdom of God.

  • On-location Local and Regional trainings
  • Transformational learning: Everything participatory, interactive, workshop-style. Whole-brained, whole-hearted. All information (left-brain) given is then practiced with right-brain, Spirit-led activations, games, and outreaches.
  • Involve local and regional leaders wherever possible (training them into greater levels of leadership at the same time).
  • Bring in worship/intercession movement Mothers & Fathers, and movement leaders as much as possible for teaching & impartation.


  • 1-day “Crash Course” focused on:
    • Tabernacle of David teaching from Scripture – Worship Fuels Missions
    • Spontaneous Song demo, activation and practice session
    • All Burn Session
    • Can follow up with Burn of any length in evening
  • Weekend intensive:
    • Customized for each team/ministry – they pick modules by need and interest
    • Usually more in-depth Tabernacle teaching
    • Typically includes Spontaneous/Prophetic Song Session, modeling and practice

First Goal: 2021 – Establish local workshops where we are, test and receive feedback from community on material and engagement, testimonies

Second Goal: Hold at least one local/regional training in each U.S. region in 2022

Third Goal: Gradually increase frequency/locations of workshops throughout 2022 and beyond. Begin to offer longer workshops (in summer 2022?) (7-14 days) Continue developing/testing/evaluating material as participation increases.

Ultimate Goal: Offer 8-12 week intensive school that provides:

  • Transformational discipleship
  • Core Values
  • Technical training for both musicians AND intercessors/gatekeepers
  • Outreach with Light a Candle (LAC)
  • Outreach coordinated with Awaken the Dawn (ATD) and Let Us Worship (LUW) events

School will also include:

  • VISION training and coaching to help each student/family seek the Lord for their unique purpose and develop strategy for carrying it out
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Prophetic Ministry training and practice
  • Baptism and Gifts of Holy Spirit teaching and constant activation/practice
  • Identity & Authority of the Believer
  • and more…

Current Status Recap:

  • We’ve gathered a team of 7 committed intercessors (we expect to add to this)
  • So far, we have developed 11 “modules” that can be separate 2-3 hour workshops, or combined for longer trainings/intensives
  • We backed up a little, as God said “Do it at home first.”, so have been primarily having regular workshops at home/local first to test material, gather a team, build community and create a solid foundation
  • Great testimonies from workshops so far – rapid community-building, quantum leaps in spontaneous/prophetic song and accelerated discipleship!
  • Expect to be ready to start traveling to do workshops with Burns, HOPs, etc in our region in January, would like to rapidly expand to other regions – well over 50 contacts for future workshops so far, in addition to Burn directors!
  • Have partnered with the Robin & Claire Dillamore – Burn UK national directors and now Field Training directors – for regular contact to work together as we develop different aspects of training, mutual focus on making all training more interactive and transformational
  • Vision is to prioritize discipleship/leadership development for BURN, Awaken the Dawn (ATD), Houses of Prayer, parachurch ministries, etc. (Leading leaders and developing their capacity to multiply in an accelerated way!)
  • Intensive school to run about 4 months out of the year, with most of the year given to traveling to do accessible workshops on-site for various teams
  • As intensive school is developed and students are commissioned, we envision also forming mobile teams that will add to things like Burn Wagon, Light a Candle (LAC) trips, and, maybe especially, to form teams that can follow LET US WORSHIP events with connection and kick-start discipleship, healing and Kingdom walk for new believers, as well as leadership development for believers in each city – could we see Presence-centered house churches planted and multiplied??!
  • Bigger vision to expand to other nations (starting with UK/Ireland)
  • Cindy Jacobs word over Burn directors at 2021 Summit included: consolidation, “funders” coming, that the grass roots would have a marriage with training and equipping, resulting in revival and reformation. We fully believe that what we are growing is a huge part of that!!


  • November 2021 – Work on website, update blog, and get a few short videos out to better show people what we’re doing
  • Firm up dates on the calendar with regional contacts for first quarter of 2022


  • IMMEDIATE need for a house for our family – God has asked us to believe for something only He can do – a house with the property needed to develop the school now, not later! We’ve been seeing a house with a red barn/building on the property. Adam also kept seeing a house with a building next to/attached. We have had to move out of our rental house due to mold, so we are currently living at a friend’s house. God has been clear that we are not to depend on the world’s system for this property.
  • Need to raise funding of minimum 7,000-8,000/month, to continue to develop full-time and begin to travel increasingly in the new year
  • Need contacts for Kingdom financiers with a heart for real and accelerated discipleship to present vision and plan to!

Email us at info@hartsablaze.com for more info, to join our intercessor team, to set up a meeting, or to share contacts/prophetic words!

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