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Update November 2021

It’s always hard to know where to start with an update after a “blog absence”. It has been an entire year since Fruition, and while we’ve been plugging away at things here, there have not been many “events” to write about. Instead, there have been deep things the Lord has been showing us and growing us in, so much that it seems overwhelming to try to communicate it all. But I will try to tackle it! In the next post, I will share more about the development of our vision and strategy, the huge leap in clarity we have gained over the past year, and what the next season holds. But for now, I’ll give a general update on what we’ve been up to.

At the end of last summer, we had not been able to raise much support, despite LOTS of vision-sharing and Zoom calls. So Steve went to work at the Target Distribution Center full-time. This was difficult. Both hours and working conditions were exhausting, and he was not really able to work on ministry very much at all. And, although it paid our basic bills, there was nothing else, no way to save or get ahead in any way. Just being real.

In January, I felt that the Lord was leading me to spend some extra time adding to my skills in the area of heart healing. I did a week-long training over Zoom with Trauma Healing Institute, learning to facilitate Trauma Healing Workshops. Then I did a 3-day workshop with Joey Gentempo of His Father’s Heart ministries in Houston, on the transformative tools his ministry has been using and teaching for years, based on the HeartSync model. I was chomping at the bit to get to work on using these and developing a healing center in this area, but open doors have not been forthcoming – yet. Frustrating, but I believe the time is coming! In the meantime, I continue to minister heart healing to people God brings into my path, both personally and over Zoom.

Also in January, I was asked to take over leadership of the Global Virtual Burn – this is our online Burn that is going on all the time from about 18 different nations. Every week, we have many hours of worship from various nations via Facebook Live. You can enjoy these on our Burn 24-7 Global Facebook Group @ https://www.facebook.com/burn247global. For those of you who are wondering, we ARE working on options for an alternative/backup to Facebook, for obvious reasons. However, we do plan to stay on Facebook as long as possible, due to the fact that we have been able to reach many thousands of people each month.

In March, Steve’s seasonal position at Target had ended, and we did not feel that him continuing there was a good course of action anyway. The Lord spoke very clearly to us that we were settling for much less than His best, and that we needed to do the vision He has given us and trust Him for provision. So, we went all in and began developing a Burn school full-time (more on this in the next post). While we have seen provision for rent, there has been very little else, and we have been living in a rental house with mold that has been making us sick. So, this has been an extremely tough season. BUT, He is teaching us to stand in faith for MORE than survival – growing us to believe for His best, until we really have faith to THRIVE!!

In the midst of all the yuck this year, we have seen some of the steadiest, and even some of the quickest, growth yet in our personal walks with Jesus!! Isn’t He always so faithful to use such times to increase both our hunger and capacity for Him? We have been experiencing quantum leaps in our spiritual giftings and anointings as well during this time! He is preparing us for a new season of abundance!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about what we have been working on…

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