We believe there are millions of believers across the world who love Jesus but are deeply discontent with the “normal” Christian life. They know there is more to walking with Jesus than what they are living, but how to discover their Kingdom purpose and begin walking it out is elusive. The first part of the vision God has given us is to engage these “fringe” believers through extended worship & prayer events, retreats, workshops and speaking engagements.


The next phase of this vision involves taking those “fringe” believers with whom we have engaged and formed relationships and help them to discover their Kingdom purpose in whatever sphere of influence they are called to, equipping them to walk in heart wholeness and providing them with resources to further develop their Kingdom purpose and vision.


In this phase, we coach people in walking out their Kingdom purpose and vision and fine-tuning their focus. This phase helps them to develop a strategy to move the Kingdom of God forward in whatever sphere of influence they are called to, whether that be education, politics, business, government, church or a foreign mission field.


The final phase of our vision brings an end to active coaching and training. This phase officially launches people to more fully walk out their personal Kingdom strategy and use the tools of heart wholeness to continue walking in healing. In this phase, we also intend for these people to begin to multiply with their own group of “fringe” believers. It is our desire that while this phase sees the end of active coaching, it births a long-term relationship and fosters community.

Missional Community

Key to this Catch, Hold, Aim, Release strategy is the concept of missional community. It is our hope and intention that as this strategy multiplies, the people of “the fringe” will form communities doing ministry together and spurring one another on to “love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24). We will be building our own missional community teams to provide ministry and support to missionaries on the field, first responder teams to provide ministry in times of crisis and teams to help support the local Church.

Worship & Prayer

The foundation of this entire vision centers around having a fuel of worship & prayer. We believe that simply adoring Jesus and letting Holy Spirit birth strategy from a place of intimacy is key to any mission or ministry. This is the heart of our vision – to see the glory of the LORD cover the whole earth through worship and prayer with passionate believers impacting every sphere of influence.