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Why Home Base Here? Pt. 2

Garden Valley Heritage

So let me tell you a little more about Garden Valley. Within 5 miles of where we live are incredible pioneering missions bases and organizations aplenty: YWAM Tyler (upcoming post about the Base), JAMA (Jesus Awakening Movement for America/All Nations), Calvary Commission, MercyShips, Dallas Holmes Praise Ministries, and many of these ministries sit on the former grounds of the ministries that came before them: Teen Mania, Agape Force, Keith Green’s Last Days and much, much more. It’s a pretty crazy heritage of pioneering and missional ministry leaders that this area is blessed with! In fact, just a bit down the road we live on is a tiny cemetery. In that place a few greats are buried – Keith Green, David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill, and others who are lesser known in the world, but just as great in the Kingdom. The land itself is rich with so much amazing intercession, praise, worship and ministry that has been sown into it. Not only that, but even our church is full of people who head up many, many ministries of their own outside the church – some of them for 50+ years! That’s a lot of pioneering mamas and papas.

We often say that living in this area is a little like stepping back in time, for many reasons. And aside from a few very minor inconveniences that exist in areas this far outside a big city, it’s all stepping back in time in good ways, such as super friendly, genuine people and homegrown, faith-based values (even in the public school system!). It’s the perfect place to nurture our vision and find priceless examples, guidance and support from those who have lived a steady and effective life as ministers and pioneers. Because of making our home base here, we will be stronger as we go out from here!

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